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Energy Sound Baths & Activations are listening immersions into sound consciously setting the intention to enter into a deeper state of consciousness and release all that does not serve into the cosmic river. This is achieved with the aid of crystal allies to harmonize the vibrational frequencies of your body’s subtle energy fielding centers (chakras) and restore your whole system back into flow. Our energy centers (chakras) affect specific endocrine glands, which in turn affect all of the organs and their components, down to the cellular level.

Why Energy Sound Baths & Activations?

Crystal & Sound Therapy: A Powerful Alliance

Sound Vibration is truly effective on the energy bodies and auric fields. It can restore the physical and subtle bodies to energetic patterns of harmony, health and balance. Crystals and gemstones have constant vibrations that never shift. On the contrary, our vibrations shift depending on the state we are in, whether we are stressed, calm etc.

Crystal Therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing that approaches the body as an integrated whole. It involves treating a person’s energetic body by placing gemstones and crystals at specific energy centers (chakras) on the body and around the aura. In this manner, the constant energetic vibrations of the stones can affect the weakened vibration of the energetic body into drifting along their stable rhythm, helping to clear stagnant energies and restore vibrational imbalances in the person’s body on a physical and energetic level.

As an experienced crystal therapist, I have one word for crystal therapy. Acceleration. Crystal therapy coupled with sound vibration activates and supercharges the vibrations of the stones accelerating the release of unwanted energies and charging the chakras with new higher vibrations.

Intention Setting

Intention like everything else in the universe has a frequency-vibration. Your own intention setting for the session is key as this can be your portal for transmitting your frequency via the quantum field, and be truly “heard” out in the universe helping you transform your desires into action releasing you from all that no longer serves you at all possible levels. Awareness synced with intention will take your journey to the next level.

Sound Bath & Activation Basics

Typically you will lie down in a position you find comfortable covered by a blanket with crystals placed on your energy centers (chakras) and your eyes covered. The session will start with a guided meditation- visualization that will allow you to connect with your breath and your own inner sanctuary and set your intention for the session. The soundscape will be filled with different frequencies created by various tools such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, bio-sonic tuning forks, chimes and vocal toning. You will enter into a state of deep relaxation where all distortions and distractions will be removed and your system transformed at a deep cellular level finding a renewed sense of inner union.

Sound Therapy & Crystal Therapy can help with:

  • Reduced Anxiety /Stress
  • Muscle tension / Physical Pain Management
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Releasing Emotional Trauma- Depression/ Balancing Emotions
  • Positivity / Better Mood
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Mental Clarity – Focus / Memory

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Energy Sound Baths & Activations are also offered in: private one on one sessions, small or large groups, corporate, retreats, &/or special events. IN PERSON & ONLINE Via Zoom.

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