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Custom Alchemy Elixirs

We offer custom high vibrational alchemy elixirs to address your particular needs and desires and serve your journey at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level creating a magical inscape for you to manifest your intentions.


Our preparations are holistic and founded upon healing principles of resonance and vibration. Their purpose is to harmonize the vibrational frequencies of your body’s subtle energy field, and chakras and restore your whole system back into flow.

Clean & Organic ingredients of the highest quality & vibration

Our ingredients are the cleanest, finest, most nourishing organic specialty oils and hydrosols, organic and wild-harvested essential oils, and flower essences. Our allies are carefully selected plants and crystals of the highest caliber and vibration to address specific needs and intentions.

Alchemical Preparation

Our elixirs are alchemically prepared with rare, high vibration crystals, flower essences and sonic activation in absolute alignment with the rhythm and cycles of the earth, sun, moon, stars, and planets supporting you to a place of optimal balance.

Our customized range of options include:

  • Intention Setting Anointing Oils
  • Body Oil Elixirs
  • Space & Aura Mists
  • Magical salves

Contact us to schedule a 30 min. in-person or virtual consultation.

Cost: $30

Cost of preparations varies ($33- $60) depending on your needs and ingredient preferences.