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My experience with Kristina was a very successful one.
She was knowledgeable, thorough and always there at my side during a session which produced significant beneficial effects on my overall well-being.
I would strongly recommend her to any spiritual seeker who wishes to experience noticeable improvements in his or her spiritual awakening and emotional alignment.

Frank Moore, MD

When I met Kristina, I felt an instant connection. She has an aura that makes you want to learn everything about what she does because she is so natural at sharing her passion. It’s as if she’s been doing this for many lives! I’ve never felt so relaxed as I felt after our sound healing session. The combination of her knowledge and intuition helped unload all the extra pounds that were weighting on my energy field and draining me. I am forever thankful for all her help. Thais Nogueira, NYC

Thais Nogueira

My experience with Kristina was magical. I left our session feeling bubbly, joyful and peaceful.
Pieces of myself I hadn’t reached out to in awhile came back to me. Her compassion and love and warmth is unparalleled.
Whether you’re at a crossroads in your life or you just want to do something for yourself I can recommend her highly enough.  

Alex G.

Having a session with Kristina was a unique healing experience. I felt the energy, the positive vibes and the transition to a more bright spot. She approached me with great warmth, attention and responsibility. At the end of the session I felt lighter and full of new energy.

Klairie G.

I will always recall this experience with a warm heart and a deep gratitude to Kristina and her moving voice.

A short discussion preceding our session was enough for her to gather important clues and create a warm and sacred space, where I felt completely safe, supported and free.

The journey was heartfelt, smooth, releasing and revolutionary. It was a deeply healing, sacred and rejuvenating experience. 

Maria-Ellie P.

I couldn’t imagine a more charismatic guide than Kristina Siapkara to lead one’s soul in this unique spiritual journey of self – discovery… as if you are entering an invisible theatre, an imaginary stage, both as the protagonist and the one and only spectator.
With the creative guidance of Kristina Siapkara, you will find, on this path, shelters and friends, your animal spirit, hidden fears and desires, goals and intentions, peace and calmness and most importantly the strength to resolve the issues that concern you in your real life…

Sozita G.

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